Glasses Cloth (Specs Design)

Brilliant on all types of lens and frames.

Glasses Cloth (Specs Design)

This is the cloth to accompany your glasses. The Glasses Cloth leaves lenses and frames with a sparkling and perfectly clear finish.

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Glasses Cloth (Specs Design)

鏡片易潔布– 99% 除菌(包括大腸桿菌和李斯特菌)、去油及去污
適用於任何眼鏡及相機鏡片,乾用時可除塵, 濕用時能去除油污、髒垢和細菌。
使用時不需使用清潔劑,用完後才用少許洗潔精或洗衣粉作清潔便可。避免使用漂白劑或衣服柔順劑。可一般機洗及高於 90 度水溫或煮沸清洗。方便、容易、慳錢及慳時間,更好更安全。保證高達 300 次機洗。

The super soft Glasses Cloth easily removes finger marks from glass lenses and frames to leave them perfectly clean. It is also ideal for cleaning camera lenses. Simply breathe on the surface and use the cloth dry. It is guaranteed up to 300 machine washes.

19cm x 19cm

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