Grooming Mitt


Grooming Mitt



* 雙面設計,只需乾用便可。


* 深色微纖維的一面,可以拋光,令毛髮回復光澤。

*使用後,請用低於 60 度水溫或肥皂清洗乾淨。


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Grooming Mitt

The dual-sided Grooming Mitt quickly gets to grips with dirt, dust and loose hair, gently massaging your pet to a natural sheen at the same time. 

* The light coloured side features longer, stiffer fibres, which gently but effectively brush out loose hair and debris, while gently combing the coat.

* The darker coloured side removes surface debris and hair, leaving the coat with a glossy natural sheen.

* After use, please use hot water and detergent to give it a thorough rinse.

* For keeping the fibre in good condition, please avoid using bleach or softener.

產品尺寸: 23.5 x 17cm


Allergy Friendly Product
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