Cleaning Mitt

寵物清潔手套 :替小寵物清潔有新玩意,清潔手套上毛茸茸的微纖維係小寵物嘅至愛!

Cleaning Mitt

The Cleaning Mitt cleans and gently massages your pet, leaving fur clean and shiny. The dual-sided Cleaning Mitt can be used wet or dry. It quickly and easily removes dirt and mud from all sizes of pet and all types of fur, leaving it clean and shiny. Use it at bath time too.

As well as cleaning, the high capacity and rapid absorption of the long-fronded side, makes it great for drying. It’s perfect for cleaning the underside or around the legs and tail areas.

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Cleaning Mitt


*雙面設計,可乾用或濕用。乾用可去除寵物毛髮上的灰塵。濕用可除污及除菌達99% (包括大腸桿菌和李斯特菌)。
*使用後,請用低於 60 度水溫或肥皂清洗乾淨。*為避免破壞微纖維,不可使用漂白劑或衣服柔順劑。

23.5cm x 17cm

Recommended in UK by: Miele                    Neff                     AGA                      Electrolux               Baumatic                 Magimix                  SMEG