Use & Care

Get the most out of your e-cloth!

Easy, Simple and Safe - just clean with water!

Fold the cloth and use as a pad, moving from side to side or top to bottom. This ensures good contact with the surface and that
dirt and grease and particles are broken up and collected into the fibres.

A thorough rinse is often enough for day-to-day use. To ensure e-cloths perform at their best, we recommend machine washing, using small amount of washing powder. 

Do not use bleach or conditioner. Bleach breaks down the fibres and conditioners will
block them. e-cloths can be used with other cleaning products, but because e-cloths
clean so well with just water, it is not recommended or necessary. If fabric conditioner
is used by mistake, rewash with a little detergent.

Colour may run - initial washes must be separate at 60 degrees.

Heavy-Duty cloths maybe rinsed as you go. Lighter-Weight cloths should not be too
damp, so moisture particle can evaporate quickly and leave the surface smear-free.

You can wash as low as 30 degrees, but most e-cloths can be machine washed at 90
degrees or boiled washed. (There are exceptions and all cloths have washing instructions on the label, except for certain lightweight cloths where the cloth’s smear- free performance would be affected by the addition of a stitched edge and label. )As cloth age, some staining will not come out. Some types of dirt contain a pigment
which stains any cloth. If the cloth has been washed properly, it is actually clean.
Repeated washes will gradually reduce marks. Whilst a standard bleach will damage tea
towel and cloths, you can use a natural bleach.