Superior Performance

e-cloth's high quality fibres break up & hold dirt, grease & bacteria

Unlike conventional cloths, as you draw an e-cloth across a surface, the fibres clean by breaking up, trapping and absorbing dirt and grease into the material. All this with just water.

The fibres’ exceptional cleaning power leaves no residues of dirt or chemicals. e-cloths are made from a mix of nylon and polyester, in varying proportions and processed in many different ways to achieve a very specific result.

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The performance characteristics of the fabric made from the fibres is dictated by:

  • The initial quality of yarn used
  • The weight per square centimetre of cloth
  • The percentage mix between the nylon and polyester
  • The method that is used to split the fibres.
  • Whether the fabric is woven or knitted and the quality of these processes

Lower quality microfibre products are unprocessed and have a flat weave resulting in poor absorption and cleaning properties. Cloths made from low quality microfibres have a shorter life and can only be washed at low temperatures.

Only high quality fibres are used in the manufacture of e-cloths and each fabric specification has the cloth's end-use in mind. Cloths requiring higher absorbency use fibres that are split differently to those where absorbency is not so important.

For instance, it is important for a smear free finish on glass that the cloth absorbs moisture quickly, and this is more important than the overall amount that it absorbs. A kitchen cloth, however, needs to have more absorbency and deeper cleaning power. Different mixes and length of fibre, therefore, have a major effect on performance.


e-cloth’s General Purpose Cloth uses the highest quality microfibre mix to give it a long life and the right level of absorbency. Knitting, rather than weaving, gives the cloth more volume and surface area. This delivers enormous cleaning power and the ability to remove thick grease and dirt. It also enables it to retain its shape throughout its life.

e-cloth’s Glass & Polishing Cloth also uses the highest quality microfibre mix to give it a long life. As overall absorbency is less important, lighter and shorter fibres are used and the fibres are split in a different way and knitted more loosely. The ends of the fibres are designed to give a perfect smear free finish.