New e-cloth booth

10/F Sogo Causeway Bay Branch

Dear e-cloth users, brand new e-cloth counter at 10/F of Sogo causeway bay branch is open today. To celebrate, we have limited offer of 30% off for deep clean mop (only $245) and luxury bath towel (only at $258). Other items also has 10% discount. Come and shop now! 

各位用家,e-cloth 於銅鑼灣崇光百貨嘅專櫃今日已順利遷上全新裝修的10樓家居部。慶祝新開張,送上限定優惠,深層清潔拖把七折,只需$245, 高級柔軟浴巾七折,只需$258。其他正價貨品都有九折,抽空嚟選購啦! 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊

Sorry! This offer already ends on 15 May 2016!