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Your comments and feedback are priceless to us ............... 您的意見和回應對我們來說是無價的。

We are more than happy to hear from you about anything related to e-cloth. Good or bad, appreciation or complaints, or your special way of making the most out of our e-cloth products. 

Please share with us! Your comments and feedback are priceless to us. 

In addition, members of the public, especially those who are concerned about environmental protection or any institutional inquiries for internal staff promotion, please contact us at 8100 7878.
We also have offers for restaurant, hotel, school, kindergarten and other service industries. Please call.


此外,歡迎各界人士,特別是關注環保人士及機構查詢,可安排公司內部員工優惠,請致電 8100 7878 與本公司聯絡。

General Enquires: (852) 8100 7878