Washing Up Pad

洗碗易潔綿: 先用熱水冲去器皿上的髒污,跟住輕擦所有器皿表面,便可冲水及抺乾!

Washing Up Pad

Washing up made easy. Whether used with or without washing up liquid, washing up is simple, effective and easy with this pad.

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Washing Up Pad

易潔綿 *用熱水先沖洗碗碟,易潔綿便可輕易去除碗碟上的油污,減省使用洗潔精及縮短洗碗時間!
*雙面設計,銀色微纖維用作去除頑固污垢,易潔塗層鍋具亦可使用;黃色微纖維用作去除油污及除菌達 99%(包括大腸桿菌和李斯特菌) *只需用水,亦可與少量清潔劑一同使用。*使用後,請用熱水或肥皂清洗乾淨。
16 x 10厘米

The smooth side of the Washing Up Pad easily cuts through grease and grime, using just water. The scrubbing side makes light work of stuck-on food residues and stains.

16cm x 10cm

Recommended in UK by: Miele                    Neff                     AGA                      Electrolux               Baumatic                 Magimix                  SMEG