Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth


Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth

* The Scouring Cloth’s smooth side is highly absorbent and brilliant for general cleaning. No chemicals, just water.

* The other side has a unique scrubbing surface to remove stubborn grease and dirt from pots & pans and kitchen surfaces. It leaves no scratch and keep all surfaces nice.

* Whether for general cleaning, washing up pots and pans, or scrubbing vegetables, it will rise to the challenge. Other uses includes cleaning stoves, bicycles, metallic gates, fish tank and bath tub too.

* After use, please use hot water and detergent to give it a thorough rinse.

* For keeping the fibre in good condition, please avoid using bleach or softener.

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Recommended in UK by: Baumatic                 SMEG

Non-Scratch Scouring Cloth



32 x 32cm

Recommended in UK by: Miele                    Neff                     AGA                      Electrolux               Baumatic                 Magimix                  SMEG