Glass & Polishing Cloth

玻璃拋光布一抺帶走所有污垢、塵粒及指模,令玻璃、鏡面、水晶或燈飾表面光潔無痕 !

Glass & Polishing Cloth

Glass & Polishing Cloth’s special fibre construction and weave increase the speed at which moisture is absorbed. Perfect finish for glass, mirror, crystals and shiny surfaces.

Use wet, it removes light grease and finger marks from glass, mirror and all shiny surfaces, to leave them completely streak-free. 

Use dry, it removes dust and do excellent polishing job.

All with just water. It will easily outperform chemical cleaners on surfaces like glass and chrome.

To avoid damaging the fibre, please do not use with bleach or clothes softener.

After use, please rinse well with hot water or soap.

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Recommended in UK by: Miele                    Magimix                  SMEG

Glass & Polishing Cloth

*濕抺可除污及除菌達 99% (包括大腸桿菌和李斯特菌)。

40 x 50厘米

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