General Purpose Cloth


General Purpose Cloth

適用於家居一般清潔。例如用於清潔手袋、皮鞋、梳化及餐枱及椅,效果明顯! 乾用時可除塵。濕用時能去除油污、髒垢和細菌達 99%

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General Purpose Cloth

萬用布 – 濕用可達 99% 除菌(包括大腸桿菌和李斯特菌)、去油及去污
只需濕用,不需消毒或清潔劑,便可輕易吸走塵、污及油,大大省下用清潔劑及過水的時間。 如果您的「易可淨」清潔布很髒,可以使用一些洗衣粉或洗潔精及熱水。如果你的「易可淨」清潔布不是很髒,只需使用溫水和少許洗手液或一些肥皂即可。有一點要注意:避免使用漂白劑和衣服柔順劑。

手洗、機洗、高於 90 度水溫或煮沸清洗都可以!方便乾淨!慳錢及慳時間,更好更安全。

Brilliant for all your cleaning challenges.  This is the cloth for all your multi cleaning problems. No need to invest in endless amounts of cleaning chemicals; all you need is water and our highly absorbent General Purpose Cloth to mop up spills and clean dirt around the home.

One of the two original e-cloths, the highly versatile General Purpose Cloth’s thicker fibres and wedge shape construction rapidly absorb spills and remove dirt, grease and bacteria. You can even use it dry for a quick and easy dust. Use the Glass & Polishing Cloth after the General Purpose Cloth for the perfect streak-free finish.

Hand wash or machine wash with water up to 90 degrees are fine. Simple, quick and clean! Save time and save money!

32cm x 32cm

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