Bathroom Cloth

浴室布: 不但能夠深入清除霉菌,而且吸水力強勁,可有效防止水垢積聚。

Bathroom Cloth

* The Bathroom Cloth’s longer and thicker fibres give it exceptional cleaning power and high absorbency, to clean wet areas around sinks, baths and showers.

* The highly absorbent Bathroom Cloth removes greasy grime, soap scum and bacteria from baths, showers and sinks, using just water.

* Use regularly to prevent the build-up of limescale.

* Without using any chemical cleansers, your bathroom will be free of chemical residues and allergens.

* Perfect for cleaning bath tubs, tiles, water taps and shower doors.

* After use, please use hot water and detergent to give it a thorough rinse.

* For keeping the fibre in good condition, please avoid using bleach or softener.

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Recommended in UK by: Deva                     Bristan                  Ideal Standard

Bathroom Cloth


32 x 32 cm

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