2 Wash & Wipe Kitchen Cloths

洗抺布(兩條): 抗菌防霉,堅韌耐用,設計輕巧,方便日常沖洗。

2 Wash & Wipe Kitchen Cloths


*先用熱水沖洗碗碟,洗抺布便可輕易去除碗碟上的油污,更含天然銀離子殺滅細菌達 99%(包括大腸桿菌和李斯特菌) ,減省使用洗潔精及縮短洗碗時間!







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2 Wash & Wipe Kitchen Cloths

*  Use hot water to rinse off all the dirt and grease on the dishes first, then use the Wash & Wipe cloth to rub on all surfaces.  Rinse well and all dishes will be sparkle.  
* Anti-bacterial fibres are very durable, super absorbent and light.  Daily use for easy wash and wipe purposes such as mopping up spills and cleaning dirt, grease and bacteria wherever they appear.
* Each pack has two cloths, one with a blue edge and one with a red edge.  
* Either use only with water or with detergent for thick grease. 
* After use, please use hot water and detergent to give it a thorough rinse.
* If there is stain left on the cloth, diluted bleach can be used to remove it. 
* For keeping the fibre in good condition, please avoid using softener.

產品尺寸:32 x 32cm

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