Sports & Travel Towel

運動旅遊毛巾: 設計輕巧慳位,捲起後方便攜帶

Sports & Travel Towel

A perfect towel for rolling up and taking to sports events and invaluable for travel. The Sports & Travel Towel’s specialised fibres are 4 times more absorbent than cotton and it is therefore much thinner than ordinary towels. It can be rolled up very small ( 26cm x 6cm), and is ideal for sport or travel, when space is at a premium.

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Sports & Travel Towel

*吸水力極強,比棉質毛巾吸水快 4 倍多 4 倍,用後亦非常快乾,更可抗菌防霉。

100cm x 50cm

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