Car Cleaning Kit

汽車清潔套裝: 洗車只用清水,乾淨、車身不變色

Car Cleaning Kit




* 請先將車輛完全弄濕,令塵埃及沙粒容易被帶走。

* 只用水,將深層清潔手套浸濕,然後開始清潔車身,輕易去除污垢及指模。

* 完成清潔車身後,把深層手套徹底清潔乾淨,有需要再清洗車身一次。

* 之後就可以用黃色的特強吸水布將車身抹乾。

* 最後請用灰色的拋光布將窗、鏡及光面的地方拋光。



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Car Cleaning Kit

The Car Cleaning Kit has a Mitt and two specialist cloths - all you need to quickly clean, dry and shine the whole car with just water. They can also be used with a small amount of your regular cleaning liquid.

Everything you need to clean, dry and shine your car
The long-fronded side does the tough cleaning and gets into awkward areas. The soft grey side gives a final clean
The highly absorbent Dry and Shine Cloth quickly dries and shines the bodywork
The Glass & Chrome Cloth removes light grease and fingermarks from glass, mirrors and chrome, leaving them completely streak-free

Glass & Polishing Cloth 40 x 50cm, Dry & Shine Cloth 40 x 60cm , Dual Action Mitt 30 x 12cm

Recommended in UK by: Miele                    Neff                     AGA                      Electrolux               Baumatic                 Magimix                  SMEG